Hello, World

I feel like that title would be appropriate you my first blog, right?

So my name is Freya, and I tend to write quite often. My only problem is that I don’t do anything with what I write, hence why I am starting this blog.

Most of the time, writing is just my way of venting from the stress of life, well, that and so I don’t unintentionally go insane. When you bottle up all your feelings, there is only so long you can go before you explode. Hopefully, this will help me to not have another emotional breakdown in the middle of English class.

I’m not writing this to become popular or get internet famous. I am writing this purely for myself and any internet hobo who wanders across it and happens to enjoy reading about my simple yet complicated life. I’m not quite sure where this blog will go, but I will gladly follow wherever it may lead, and maybe I will even encounter a few interesting people along the way.


Until the next wi-fi connection,




Author: icecreamandcloudyskies

I'm just another dorky girl trying to survive high school.

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